Ship to norway

A tightly packed auditorium

At the end of our journey, we thought the audience was tired of our message. This was not the case. Everyone wanted to hear our conclusion.

"VELG SJØVEIEN" (= Choose the sea) is this years campaign to promote short sea shipping in Norway. We have visited 16 port​ around the country. Our last stop was "Transport & Logistics 2012" - an annual Norwegian logistics conference attracting about 800 people. Here we presented our conclusion from the journey! We feared that everyone was tired or our message. No need to worry!

The auditorium had over 250 seats and it was tightly packed with people having to stand by the walls. The enthusiasm was still there. Shortsea shipping has caught the interest of cargo owners, forwarders and politicians. No question about it!

In total, more than 1500 people have attended one of our events in 2012 - a record level thanks to the support of our many partners. We THANK YOU!

Photo by Anne Kristin Hjukse / Port of Oslo

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