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4 million tonnes of cargo

This is the amount of cargo that transport buyers have registered during our 6 months campaign. This represents about 3 billion tonne-kilometers.

Our (Shortsea Promotion Centre of Norway - SPC Norway) campaign "VELG SJØVEIEN" (= Choose the seaway) has ended for the year. Cargo owners and forwarders have jointly registered four million tonnes of cargo that can potentially be moved to from road to sea.

In the period from May to October, SPC Norway travelled around the coast and received feedback from buyers of transport and providers of shortsea shipping. The conclusions of the final report are based on the following:

  • More than 1.400 people have attended 17 events and listened to a total of 193 speeches.
  • 58 transport customers have presented their experiences using shortsea – or not using shortsea – and told us what is needed to increase their volume. Among the companies that have participated you find well known companies in Norway such as ASKO, Byggmakker, Findus, Coca Cola, Borregaard, Hydro, Statoil, Rolls Royce, Toyota, EA Smith, Mack, REMA, ICA, Washington Mills, Marine Harvest, Biomar – to mention a few.

- The participants have been extremely positive and given us great feed-back! The individual ports that have been responsible for the organization of the conferences in their city and they have done a brilliant job. - We owe them a big Thank you! Mr. Hans Kristian Haram from SPC Norway states.

Reading about short sea benefits

All presentations for the conferences have been published on the Internet ( immediatelyly after the conference. This web page have had more than 15,000 visits and more than 60,000 page views during the campaign.  

The volumes

We have asked participants to register volumes that can potentially be transferred. Transport buyers have responded and filled out a form to registered actual cargo volumes.

The result? More than 100 cargo volumes with a total of four million tons of transferable cargo has been identified for named customers. The specific transport needs have been described and are continuously monitored by providers of shortsea shipping.

The conclusion? Cargo owners who do not use shortsea shipping today seem to be eager to use shortsea shipping in the future.

We can double todays volumes

We know more today than at the start of “VELG SJØVEIEN”! During our campaign, a total of 15 large transport buyers have been interviewed. In parallel, we have performed cargo flow analysis for domestic and international transport volumes by trucks. This has improved our understanding of the actual volumes in a macro perspective. In total we have identified cargo flows with a total of 10 million tonnes per year that may be transferred. This represents a doubling of the current liner volumes.

PHOTO: Some of the contributors and partners of "VELG SJØVEIEN" at the last conference at Gardermoen October 22nd 2012.
Photo by Tove Irén Becker / SPC Norway.

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