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Unifeeder increases capacity and coverage to the UK

In order to fulfill the strong market demands, Unifeeder is adding a larger vessel to our direct service to the UK from the Baltic Sea. The upgrade will be introduced from the 24th of September.

With two weekly sailings to the UK and bigger vessel intake, our customers will enjoy an increased capacity from the UK to Poland as well as improved transit time out of Riga. The new vessel has a capacity of 800 TEU and is very suitable for transporting 45’ containers. 45’ PWHC containers can take 32% more pallets than a standard 40’ unit and exactly the same amount of cargo as a traditional trailer. 

Thanks to the increased capacity, we can take the equivalent of up to 240 truckloads’ off the road and on board our vessel. As a consequence, we are providing a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to road transport for those discerning shippers, seeking a ‘greener’ form of transport for their goods, whilst retaining a competitive edge on price. 

Unifeeder Shortsea provides European customers with fully intermodal door to door solutions. We find smarter ways to move any type of cargo, using the best combination of sea, rail, and road. With more than 40 years in the business and as part of Europe’s strongest feeder operator, we offer the extensive network, regularity, and lead-times necessary to make shortsea a highly competitive alternative to conventional road transport.​

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