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SPC Norway and Poland cooperate

In a joint campaign, the promotion centres join forces to promote shortsea shipping.

Sea freight is a low-cost and r​​eliable alternative to road transport from Poland to Norway. A campaign is organized to make Polish shippers aware of its benefits.

Cargo volumes from Poland to Norway are growing rapidly. As a result, the range of transport offers is expanding and terms are getting better. Unfortunately, many Polish​​ exporters are not aware of the ​​​​benefits of these new offers. A campaign is therefore organized by the Shortsea Promotion Centres of Poland and Norway to ch​​​ange this. 


A number of shipping lines offer direct and indirect services from the Baltics to Norway. All kinds of cargoes can be carried in containers, trailers on roro ships, on pallets or as break bulk.

Unifeeder offers a weekly service from Szczecin to Norway and intends to increase the frequency with growing volumes. 


Sea freight is competitive with road transport, and customers save 10-30 % compared to road transport, depending on distances to the ports. 

Bohus is a transport customers who benefit from the services offered by Unifeeder. Their cargo is shipped at lower cost with more flexible and reliable time of delivery, independent of driving conditions throughout the year. CO2 emissions are reduced significanly, which is important for many Norwegian customers. 

Driving conditions in Norway can be very difficult. More truck inspections stop more trucks. These challenges are avoided at no extra cost With sea transport and delivery by local trucks in Norway. 

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The main campaign scope is to help Polish exporters to start using shortsea shipping that is better than trucking. The target audience is Polish exporters who have regular cargo volume to Norway and who are important suppliers to Norwegian companies. The exporters are invited to regional events in Poland this autumn to meet transport providers and get usefull information on transport to Norway. The aim is to save money and to make more attractive deliveries to Norwegian customers. 

This campaign web site contains news, service updates and case stories on shortsea transport from Poland to Norway in English and Polish. A newsletter gives updates. 

Web site:​ 


For more information on the campaign and shortsea transport to Norway contact: 

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