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Award for Hans Kristian Haram

The manager of Shortsea Promotion Centre Norway receives top transport and logistics award in Norway for work related to shortsea shipping.

The annual Modern Transport Award is given to a person or persons who have excelled in the fields of logistics and transportation in Norway. 

Hans Kristian Haram gets the award for 2017 for his tireless efforts to highlight the benefits of shortsea shipping.

Since 2009, he has managed the Shortsea Promotion Center of Norway, which is a government initiative to promote maritime transport. In this role, Haram has been a very important actor and driver in the struggle to move freight from road to sea. Through the websites ​and he has promoted the benefits of sea transport to the wider business community.

​Education and experience

Haram holds an MSc from the NTNU shipping line and MBA from INSEAD in France. Throughout his career, he has worked to develop and realize maritime logistics solutions around the world, including short sea shipping and liner transport in Europe. He has extensive experience from ship brokerage, finance brokerage, shipbuilding, shipping company and marketing.


in addition to the work with the Shortsea Promotion Center, Hans Kristian Haram also is partner of Flowchange​, together with Geir Berg, Erling Sæther and Roger Kormeseth. Sæther is full of praise for his colleague.

- I have been in the Board of ShortSea Promotion Center where he was the general manager, and there I experienced his creative skills and versatile knowledge. He has really gained momentum on shortsea activities and has a high star among ports, shipping companies, shipping agents and
the entire logistics industry, says Sæther.

Geir Berg tells of a "serial entrepreneur who bubbles over with ideas on what he is concerned with."

- He likes to listen to oppositions, but mostly to develop his ideas further. He is optmistic on the future of sea transport and believes that all barriers can be passed. He is laborious and committed and wants to get things done.

- Projects that yield results are more exciting than discussions about framework conditions and daily tasks. He has a large network of contacts and believes that technology can enhance the competitiveness of maritime transport, says Berg of this year's winner of the Modern Transport Prize.

In the jury​

As a winner, you are automatically included in next year's jury. Last year's winner Torbjørn Johannson of ASKO was in this years jury together with three permanent members: First Vice President of BI, Eirill Bø, head of the jury, Logistics Director at Kremmerhuset Lars Inge Fenes and Port Direct of the Port of Drammen, Einar Olsen.

Next year Hans Kristian Haram will be part of the jury. 

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