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Digital Transport and Logistics Forum

EU has created a forum to improve the administration and operation of transport by use of digital documents.

Digital Transport & Logistics Forum (DTLF) is a forum that brings together stakeholders from different transport and logistics communities from both the private and the public sector. It was set up in June 2015 by the European Commission with a view to build a common vision and road map for digital transport and logistics. It is also mandated to help identify the need for EU level measures and to support their development and implementation where relevant​​​. 

​DTLF has two main efforts: eTransport Documents and Corridor Information Exchange Platforms. Its activities encompasses: 

  • State of play of digitisation of transport documents (waybills/consignment notes) & their acceptance by Member States authorities as well as other entities such as banks, insurance
  • Assess scope and feasibility of the integration of these documents at the level of data elements (virtual single electronic multimodal transport document)
  • State of play of digitisation of transport documents accompanying the means of transport (vehicle registration, ship certificates etc.) & documents accompanying the personnel

eManifest is a main activity where the objective is to establish of a fully harmonised electronic manifest encompassing cargo data required by both maritime and customs authorities and test its submission together with the other Report Formalities Directice (RFD) formalities and its exchange through a European Maritime Single Window (EMSW) prototype. Participants are DG MOVE and TAXUD, EMSA, 12 national maritime and customs authorities, and industry representatives (shipowners, agents, ports, PCSs). Norwegian members are: DnV GL, Marlo, Marintek and the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communication. ​

The main eManifest deliveries before the project closure in June 2018 are: 

  • eManifest data model:
    • Maritime and customs arrival + departure formalities
    • Addition of the RFD formalities (reporting once!)
    • Mapping with EU Data Models and alignment with UN/CEFACT
  • eManifest Business Rules: detailed description of the functioning of the eManifest (submission, update, exchange)
  • System Requirements for the EMSW prototype
  • EMSW prototype

You can get more information on EUs Digital Transport Days​

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