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EU will measure CO2 from shipping

EU has developed rules for monitoring report and verification of CO2 emissions. Monitoring will start in 2018.

Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV) is a first step to reduce CO2 emissions. It will be followed by defintion of reduction targets and application of actual reduction measures, preferably at global level. The regul​ation for MRV was adopted in 2015. 

​​The main elements MRV is monitoring and reporting per ship of CO2 emissions and efficiency relying on already monitored data. Ship owners can choose between four monitoring methods (bunker delivery, tank sounding, flow meters, emission measurement). Aggregated annual data and reports will be published by the EU Commission. ​The measure must be verified by approved third parties. All ships larger than 5000 grt visiting EEA port must report their emissions from the start of 2018. 

Monitoring will be done on a per voyage and annual basis. 

  • Fuel consumption & CO2 emissions on EU-related voyages from port of call to port of call. Also emisssion when in EU ports.
  • Cargo carried calculated on a per ship basis with distance travelled, transport work done, time spent at sea
  • Average operational efficiency 
  • Additional data on voluntary basis

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