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The air is getting cleaner

EU has implemented and enforced the sulphur directive. This has given results.

Improving air quality in the EU and neighboring countries remains essential in view of health and economic benefits. All economic sectors, including maritime transport and fuel supply chain, should contribute to reducing harmful air emissions. EU funds are used to support research and deployment of clean fuels and emission abatement and detection technology, And, EU is actively preparing for consistent implementation of the global 0,50% sulphur cap. 

EUs Sulphur Directive was enforced in 2015, restricting the sulphur content in exhaust gas emissions from ships. ​As a result, the air quality has improved. Measures in Denmark shows a 50-60% reduction of sulphur content in 2015. ​​

To enforce the legislation, EU makes close to 10.000 inspections of ships per year, of which 20% with fuel sampling. In 2017, about 95% of inspections was compliant. 

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