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ESSF - Productive cooperation

EU and the maritime industry work jointly to make shortsea shipping more sustainable through European Sustainable Shipping Forum. This has given results.

The European Sustainable Shipping Forum (ESSF) has been established in 2013 with the following mandate: "Assist the European Commission in implementing the EU’s activities and programs aimed at fostering sustainable maritime transport ". The mandate given to the ESSF is limited in time. It has already been renewed once and the current mandate expires in June 2018.

While it initially focussed on the implementation of the Sulphur Directive, the forum has also recently been used to support activities on Port Reception Facilities and Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of CO2 emissions, which are important both for competition and sustainability of the sector.

ESSF has a plenary group representing all countries, including Norway. It has four subgroups: 

  • Sulphur directive: LNG, Exchaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS), Air emissions
  • Port reception facilities
  • Monitoring, reporting and verfication of CO2
  • Horisontal issues: Competitiveness and Financing

The current mandate of the European Sustainable Shipping Forum expires in June 2018, but activities continue to progress in all subgroups, which are still open. EU is considering to extend the mandate of ESSF. 

Here are some of the deliveries of the sub-groups: 

  • LNG:
    • Submissions to IMO in support of use of LNG as alternative fuel (need for standard connector)
    • ISO Standard for LNG bunkering connectors
    • Follow up of the EU LNG Study (2016)
    • EMSA Guidance on LNG bunkering to Port Authorities and Administrations
    • Follow up on development of LNG related standards and regulations (EN/ISO 20519)
  • EGCS
    • Revision of 2015 IMO EGCS guidelines
    • Improvement of washwater sampling
    • Malfunctions and operational non-compliance
    • EGCSA/EUROSHORE Washwater sampling campaign
    • Support work on Port Reception Facilities Sub-group for EGCS residues
    • Washwater discharges acceptability

Member of ESSF from Norway: DnV GL and Marintek. Se all members here

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