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Maritime Transport under CEF

EU supports developments of Motorways of the Sea, maritime port and innovation and new technologies.

Last week we attended a focal point meeting organized by EUs transport department, DG Move​. CEF funding of maritime projects was presented.  ​​

CEF (Connecting Europe Facilityis a key EU funding instrument to promote growth, jobs and competitiveness through targeted infrastructure investment at European level.​ CEF is managed by INEA (Innovation and Networks Executive Agency)

For maritime transport, CEF has three focus areas: 

  • Motorways of the Sea (Mos) – focus on environmental performance, integration with logistics chain and safety/human element
  • Maritime Ports – focus on upgrading ports' infrastructures
  • Innovation & new technologies – focus on promoting use of alternative fuels​

To date MoS has supported 46 actions (projects) with € 383 million, of which € 191 million to Environment, € 140 million to integration/logistics. For environment € 120 million has been granted to LNG and € 55 million to scr​ubbers and SECA complience. 

In total under CEF, 83 projects have been supported with grants totally € 907 million. ​​

Project example: ''NextGen Link''

  • Objective: Upgrade of the existing maritime link between two core ports (Turku and Stockholm) and one comprehensive port (Mariehamn) along the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor. It will develop a sustainable maritime transport route, promote green shipping and the use of alternative fuels, as well as port improving port connectivity.
  • New LNG-powered ro-pax vessel: 20% lower consumption per cargo unit.
  • Infrastructure developments (ITS, traffic arrangements, automated mooring, truck measurement) in the three ports to accommodate the needs from the larger new ro-pax vessel.
  • Budget: EUR 42,2 million, 30% CEF contribution

Project example: ''Upgrade of the Rijeka Port infrastructure''

  • ​Objective: Create a larger operational area by the reconstruction of the railway infrastructure connecting the quays and piers of the Rijeka basin.
  • Reconstruction of the pavement area necessary for cargo trans-shipment.
  • Reconstruction of crane tracked (seas side and land side).
  • New and reconstructed rail tracks that connect Rijeka basin to Rijeka railway station.
  • Budget: EUR 33,6 million, 85% CEF contribution

CEF focus in the forthcoming period

  • Develop/upgrade maritime links – integration of CNCs and smoother operation of logistics chains
  • LNG as a marine fuel – support to both supply and demand side
  • Innovation in maritime transport - Promote synergies between H2020 and CEF​
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