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Ship to Norway from Poland – First event

Interested transport customers attended the first campaign event hosted by Greencarrier to learn how the they can save money and save the world.

Greencarrier had invited customers and members of the Scandinavian Polish Chamber of Commerce (SPCC) to the event in Greencarriers terminal in Karpin outside Warsaw. Shipping more cargo by sea to Norway has wide attention in Greencarrier Poland.

SPCC is an association created by business people and entrepreneurs associated with Poland and Scandinavia. SPCC's head office is located in Warsaw, but the organization is active in the whole country. SPCC has 400 members.

The main message was clear. Customers using shortsea shipping from Poland to Norway save money. And, sea transport is simple to use. The cargo is shipped door-to-door from the customer location in Poland to the final destination in Norway without hassle.

Henrik Mossin from Greencarrier Norway, presented a case where the cost saving was more than 20 %. The cargo is shipped efficiently over the week-end with reliable pick-up and delivery. And the world benefit from 55 % reduction in CO2 emissions in the presented case.

Hans Kristian Haram from the Shortsea Promotion Centre of Norway presented the campaign to promote shortsea transport from Poland to Norway. The objective is to make Polish customers aware of the benefits of shortsea shipping.  

Unifeeder was represented by Jarle Aakredalen from Norway and Marek Wiese from Poland. They promised to offer prospect customers competitive rates and services to Norway, as part of the campaign.

Image: Arkadiusz Prejna, Managing Director of Greencarrier Poland hosting the event

Presentation from Henrik Mossin, Greencarrier:

Presentation from Hans Kristian Haram, Shortsea Promotion Centre Norway:

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