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Shortsea promotion in Norway

2016 has been an active shipping year in Norway with a range of improvements and achievement in the facilitation and marketing of shortsea shipping. Check our achievement list here!
We, the Shortsea Promotion Centre of Norway, are sponsored by the Norwegian government, the ports of Norway and the many shipping lines that call on Norway. Here are the main activities and achievement last year:
  • 160.000 visits and 400.000 page views on our web sites (24% growth since the year before)
  • 2/3 of visitors from Norway, the rest mainly from the key trading countries of Norway
  • 450 published news in Norwegian and English
  • 50 newsletters sent to 6.000 receivers weekly
  • New ShortseaSchedules service covering all of Europe with port-port searches, door-door searches, intermodal rail connections, cargo-service matching, budget prices and news services
  • 51.000 route searches on ShortseaSchedules
  • 5.000 followers on Facebook.
  • Founding and management of Norwegian Shippers Forum with 100 members
  • Chart library with 30 essential charts for shortsea in Norway
  • Organization of own conferences and jointly with others
  • Many speeches in Norway and abroad
  • Advice on the development of an incentive scheme for modal shift in Norway
  • Promotion of and advice on government support for maritime transport in Norway and the EU
  • Publishing of status report on the shortsea shipping year with key performance indicators

We thank all our partners for your support last year and look forward to a fruitfull cooperation also in 2017. ​​​

For questions and suggestions, please contact me at:

  • Hans Kristian Haram
    Managing Director
    Shortsea Promotion Centre Norway,
    Mobile: +47 9056 2994

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