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Volume growth despite three-year boycott

The Norwegian Transport Workers' Union recently decided to end its boycott of Risavika Terminal. This is one of the longest labor disputes in the history of Norway.

The reason for the boycott was that Norwegian Transport Workers' Union, NTF, in 2010 demanded that their members should have priority for unloading and loading of ships that call on the Risavika Terminal.

When Risavika Terminal refused this, NTF started a boycott of Risvika in November 2013. Then and now Risvika's own terminal workers that belong to a different union were and are handling the ships. There have been legal processes, both before and during the boycott, but finally the Norwegian Supreme Court ruled that "preferential right" was unlawful. This changed the basis of the boycott against Risavika Terminal and it was stopped.

- Risavika Terminal has done well through this boycott, since both our own employees, customers and partners have supported us greatly. In the period from the start of the boycott and until 2016, the freight volumes in the port increased by 48 percent, says CEO, Kurt A. Ommundsen Westport Inc., formerly Risavika Terminal AS.

- We are very pleased that this conflict has been resolved. This is of great importance both for our logistic hub in Risavika and for our competitiveness. But - it has even greater importance for the competitiveness of maritime transport on a national level, where the dock workers monopoly has been repealed. Now it is important that all parties work together to strengthen the competitiveness of sea transport, thereby contributing to increased values and secure jobs in the future, concludes Ommundsen.​

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