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Major change in schedules for Nor Lines

Nor Lines has reorganized its routes and are betting on a new direct connection from the Continent to the Norwegian West Coast. The route from Poland along the Norwegian coast is maintained. See the new routes here.

In November last year Nor Lines announced its new routes. The route changes have now Misspelled Wordnow been implemented and updated on Misspelled WordShortseaSchedules.

The main feature is that Continental Line no longer go via the Oslo Fjord, but directly to West and North Norway. The Poland Line is maintained from Poland via the Oslo Fjord to West and North Norway with weekly frequency. The Baltic Line is Misspelled Wordspun off and will not be part of the business that Misspelled WordEimskip takes over. DSD, the former owner of Nor Lines continues this line as a wholly owned business.

For the Continental Line, Misspelled Wordro-ro, container and project cargo directly from the Continent to the West Coast and Northern Norway is an important new product. For Misspelled Wordroro Nor Lines will carry vehicles of different size, but also unaccompanied trailer.

The Continental Line serves Misspelled WordEemshaven, Cuxhaven, Misspelled WordSandnes, Bergen, Misspelled WordMolde, Misspelled WordBodø, Misspelled WordSvolvær, Misspelled WordHarstad, Misspelled WordTromsø and Hammerfest each week north bound and calls on Misspelled WordTromsø, Misspelled WordMolde and Misspelled WordÅlesund southbound. Other ports are served on request.

Almost all ports in the schedule now have Misspelled Wordro-ro capacity: Misspelled WordEemshave, Cuxhaven, Misspelled WordSandnes, Bergen, Misspelled WordÅlesund, Misspelled WordMolde, Trondheim, Misspelled WordBodø and Misspelled WordHarstad. Efforts are made to get the Misspelled Wordro-ro solutions also in Misspelled WordTromsø and Hammerfest. Meanwhile Nor Lines solves this by "Mediterranean berthing", Misspelled Wordie Misspelled Wordro-ro ramp directly onto the dock. For the Continental Line Nor Lines offers transport of all kinds of containers and project cargoes on deck - handled by the ships' sophisticated cranes. Nor Lines has its own 45 foot containers and offer door-to-door deliveries. Palletized cargo and general cargo can be handled through the ships' side doors.

Nor Lines agreement to carry cargo on​ Misspelled WordHurtigruten continues as before. Misspelled WordHurtigruten is the Norwegian coastal steamer that carries passengers and cargo every day from Bergen in West Norway to Misspelled WordKirkenes close to the Russian border.

- With this approach, we will serve customers better with good and fast performance, says Heidi Misspelled WordSkare, who is responsible for sea transport in Nor Lines. - We expect that this schedule will continue after the acquisition of Nor Line at Misspelled WordEimskip. The acquisition is now being evaluated by the national competition authorities.

See the new route plans for Nor Lines in Misspelled WordShortseaSchedules below. Click on the map for more details on each route.​

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