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New ships and new schedules for Sea-Cargo

Sea-Cargo has implemented its big plans for 2017. TransFighter is now in operation and the routes are changed. See details here.

In November Sea-Cargo announced its new routes for 2017. Now the chances are implemented and the new ship, Misspelled WordTransFighter (pictured), is added to the schedules.

Misspelled WordTransFighter is 180 meters long and has a deadweight of almost 19,000 tons. The ship has a container capacity of 830 TEU - most of it on weather deck in addition to other cargo below deck. The Misspelled WordRoRo decks have a capacity of 850 lane meters and can thus take about 60 unaccompanied semi-trailers. Cargo can be handled over the Ro-Ro ramp, through the side doors and through the folding hatches on deck.

- Misspelled WordTransFighter is twice the size of our largest vessel today, says Tore Knudsen (pictured), Director of Shipping Division of Sea-Cargo to us. - She really represents economy​ of scale and represents a great opportunity for our customers, he adds.


​Tore Knudsen, Director of Shipping Division (photo by Misspelled WordTorbjørn Misspelled WordWilhelmsen,

​Rotterdam, where Sea-Cargo has a terminal, has become very central in the new schedules. Sea-Cargo offers three weekly departures from there to Norway with large capacity for Misspelled Wordro-ro, container and project cargo. In Norway, the Port of Misspelled WordKarmsund has become a hub for Western Norway.

Misspelled WordTransFighter will trade in a fixed fortnightly route (see route map below) from Sheerness, close to London, via Rotterdam, Esbjerg and Misspelled WordTananger to Misspelled WordSkogn, close to Trondheim, at its northernmost point. Southbound, Misspelled WordTransFighter transports forest products from Misspelled WordSkogn and aluminium from Misspelled WordSunndalsøra. Misspelled WordTransFighter sails in service with Misspelled WordAhtela and weekly frequency is offered. Misspelled WordAhtela is, however, not calling on Sheerness and Misspelled WordSkogn. Both ships are open for northbound Misspelled WordRoRo, container and project cargo.

In addition Rotterdam is served twice a week by two other ships, Connector and Trans Carrier, in weekly round trips. Connector sails from Rotterdam on Tuesday and to Misspelled WordTananger and Misspelled WordOdda, where it turns and goes via Misspelled WordKarmsund and Misspelled WordTananger to Immingham and then back to Rotterdam. Trans Carrier departs from Rotterdam on Friday and serves Misspelled WordTananger and Bergen. Southbound she returns via Misspelled WordKarmsund and Misspelled WordTananger to Rotterdam.

Besides this, SC Misspelled WordAstrea serves routes between West Norway, Esbjerg and Immingham, while Sea-Cargo Express serves the route between Aberdeen, West Norway and Trondheim.

Bergen and Misspelled WordHaugesund acts as Misspelled Wordtransshipment point between the different routes. Thus, cargo can be carried between most ports in the route system.

For cargo quotes, please contact:

  • Sea-Cargo
    Tel: +47 5510 8484

Below the routes are shown on Misspelled WordShortseaSche​​Misspelled Worddules. Click on the map for more details for each route.


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