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New Baltic Lines

Baltic Line has just started up on his own after being spun off from Nor Lines. Read more about their offerings here.
In Misspelled WordEimskips acquisition of ​Nor Lines, Baltic Line is not part of the take-over. This line now continues under its own name and is owned by DSD (Misspelled WordDet Misspelled WordStavangerske Misspelled WordDamskibsselskab). They market their services on​ and continues the weekly route between Norway and the Baltic Sea.

Baltic Line operates two combination carriers: Mini Star, a Misspelled Wordro / side-door vessel of 4450 tonnes deadweight and Baltic Madonna, a side-door vessel of 4,000 tons deadweight. The latter was chartered in on a long-term charter in November. It replaces Link Star, which was used by Nor Lines in the route.

Baltic Line offers transport of general and rolling cargo. Pallets, big bags and break bulk cargoes are handled through the side-doors. Other cargoes can be handled through hatches. Typical cargoes are steel products, forest products, chemicals on pallets and in bags, containers, boats, project cargo, Misspelled Wordro-ro cargo and other types of cargo on spot basis.

The vessels operate in two week round trip with weekly frequency (see route map at bottom). Eastbound sailing starts in Misspelled WordHaugesund and goes via Misspelled WordGrenaa and Misspelled WordHundested in Denmark, Misspelled WordSwinoujscie in Poland and Misspelled WordGävle in Sweden to Turku in Finland. Facing west the route starts in Turku in Finland and goes via Misspelled WordPaldiski in Estonia, Misspelled WordFredericia in Denmark and Misspelled WordFredrikstad, Misspelled WordLarvik, Kristiansand and Misspelled WordHaugesund in Norway. Other ports can be included on request, also in Germany.

Baltic Line has agents in Gavle in Sweden, Turku in Finland, Misspelled WordSwinoujscie in Poland, Misspelled WordHundested, Misspelled WordFredricia, Misspelled WordNyborg, Misspelled WordGrenaa in Denmark and Misspelled WordFredrikstad, Misspelled WordLarvik, Kristiansand, Misspelled WordLyngdal, Misspelled WordSandnes and Misspelled WordHaugesund in Norway.

The CEO of Baltic Line AS is Misspelled WordArild Misspelled WordErvik, formerly Nor Lines. Misspelled WordEivind Misspelled WordBaasland is manager of chartering and operation.


  • Baltic Line AS
    Misspelled WordBørehaugen 1, Stavanger
    Tel. +47 51845600

Below you find Baltic Line on Misspelled WordShortseaSchedules. Click on the map for more details: 

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