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Importer is moving from trucks to sea

Good logistics solutions are crucial for wholesale firm Tradeway. Now the focus is on sea transport.

If you purchased candles and napkins in a local Coop shops in Norway you can be sure they have passed via Tradeway in Trondheim first.

Tradeway is a major supplier of retail goods and offer products made in USA, Asia and Europe. Tradeway manages the import transport chain to Trondheim, while Coop organizes the transport out.

- 90% of all goods coming into our warehouse in Trondheim, is shipped on to Coop's main warehouse close to Oslo, says Hilde Longva, who is a purchaser at Tradeway.

Of 5,000 tonnes annually about a quarter of the goods arrives by sea to Trondheim. In addition, 10-20 cargo trucks enter and leave the warehouse in Trondheim.

Tradeway has already reduced road transport by 20 trucks a year in favor of sea, and Longva has ambitions to move further 30 trucks over the sea in this year.

- Non-food items are less urgent and with good planning we can shift more goods from truck to container and sea, she says, and explains that they, among other things, are looking for ways to consolidate cargoes from various suppliers in Europe and transport them by sea.

Price is crucial

Tradeway shipped 250 TEU's to Trondheim from Rotterdam i 2016. Longva thinks it is positive that there are good and flexible storage options in Trondheim, when needed. However, price is vital for the choice of transport solution.

- From Europe and USA prices for sea transport to Trondheim ​are pretty much cheaper than for trucks, while for overseas routes is far more costly to ship the cargo all the way to Trondheim, says Longva. Overseas cargo from Asia will therefore primarily be sent via Oslo, while there is greater potential for short sea shipping from the European continent.

 - It is often difficult to book train transport from Oslo to Trondheim, and trains are more unreliable that trucks. Predictability is important, Longva says further.

- An important forum for discussion​

Longva and Tradeway recently participated in a Shippers Forum meeting in Trondheim. Shippers Forums are organized to exchange experiences between shippers.

- It was my first time here and it was certainly an exciting meeting and theme. The Shippers Forum is a good venue to meet others in the same situation and look at opportunities for consolidated of cargoes, says Longva.

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