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Norway via Hirtshals with Color Lines

Then new services of CLdN to Hirtshals opens new connections to Norway with Color Line. Check the options here.

CLdN har expanded their connection to Hirthals​. The new services corresponds with Color Lines Cargo's daily roro services to Norway. 

​CLdN has a weekly service between Zeebrugge and Hirthals. With this service cargo can arrive in South Norway on Sunday leaving London and Zeebrugge on Friday. Cargo from South Norway can arrive on Zeebrugge and London on Tuesday and in Killingholme on Wednesday leaving Norway on Sunday afternoon. 

​​CLdN now also have a weekly service between Rotterdam and Hirtshals. With this service cargo can leave Rotterdam on Thursday and arrive in South Norway on Saturday. In return, cargo can leave South Norway on Friday and arrive in Rotterdam on Monday and London on Tuesday. 

To look up the excact connection go to ShortseaSchedules and click on the right port combinations or make from-to search. See for example Zeebru​gge-Larvik.​ 

See Color Line's routes on ShortseaSchedules below. Click on map for more details: ​

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