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Port of Oslo - Shore power for cleaner air

One RoPax alone has last year saved the environment from emissions of 3 000 tons of CO2 and 50 tons of NOx.

​To end local pollution, many ports around the world are offering ships to use shore power instead of running their diesel engines. The Port of Oslo became the first Norwegian port to offer such a service.

Ocean going ships require power also in port. Shore power is providing electrical power to a ship at berth while its main and auxiliary engines are turned off.

The first company which responded to the idea was the Norwegian cruise ferry line, Color Line. The RoPax “Color Magic” has used shore power in Oslo Port Terminal since October 2011. In the first year, the shore power received has reduced emissions removed 3,000 tons of CO2 and 50 tons of NOx from the air. This is equivalent to the emissions of 1700 trucks.

The Port of Oslo has invested an estimated EUR 271 000 in the project, while Color Line has committed about EUR 2.1 million to convert “Color Magic” in 2011 and “Color Fantasy” in 2012. Government funding was received from Transnova and Enova. Transnova is a government program working for more environmentally friendly transport solutions in Norway. Enova is a Norwegian government institution responsible for developments of environmentally friendly production and consumption of energy. 

The Port of Oslo hopes to offer shore power also to cruise ships in the future. The port has also stated that shore power in Norway is clean and green – since it is produced in hydroelectric power plants.

The reasons for using shore power are:

  • saving fuel cost,
  • eliminating emission of toxic fumes including, but not limited to NOx, SOx and CO2,
  • to allow maintenance of on-board generators,
  • reducing noise level in ports,

PHOTO: Shore power, the alternative maritime power for ships at berth was launched in the port of Oslo a year ago. The first company to invest in shore power was Color Line.

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