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Wind-assisted coaster

A coaster with a Flettner rotor can save 10-30% of the fuel consumption

​A new gen​eration of ships is currently being developed especially for short sea trade with motor and Flettner rotor.

The ship is 4.000 dwt and 15 partners are cooperating to develop a a lightweight design of a wind sail system with aerodynamic rotors for small coasters. The idea is that high rotational speeds of the ECO FLETTNER-rotors will exploit the energy of a wide range of wind speeds. The extra power from wind energy reduces the emissions of the ship.

Two high performance ECO FLETTNER-rotors with a sail area of about 108 square meters will give extra propulsion power under optimal wind conditions. The propulsion concept of the WHC includes the sail system and generators and two electric motors. The ship has fixed pitch propeller and allows for a service speed of 12 knots. The drive system is adjustable and with increasing sailing performance the engine power can be reduced efficiently. At present the ECO FLETTNER-prototype is being build in Leer and will be tested at next on a trial ship.

For first function tests on shore a trial version of the GRP-cylinder manufactured and the rotor pivot with bearings, electrical drive and control unit are erected and in function.

Following the tests on shore the ECO FLETTNER will be installed on a ship for first sea trials under real weather conditions. After proof of safe and economic operation a new green ship prototype with a tailor-made rotor drive system is being developed. The so called “Wind Hybrid Coaster” is designed to meet all market requirements for the coastal trade at a minimized carbon footprint.

The coaster has the following advantages:

  • No extra crew is needed
  • No setting, trimming and storing of sails
  • Fully automated sailing system
  • No safety risk in storms
  • No impact on cargo operations
  • 10-30`% fuel savings per year
  • Lower emissions of CO2, SOx, NOx and other.
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