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Great interest for short sea shipping in Norway

This year we expect that 1000 people will attend our transport user conferences in Norway. What is the feed-back so far? See the response from our participants!

​"VELG SJØVEIEN" (= Choose the seaway) is a nationwide campaign to inform transport users about short sea shipping and to get feed-back from clients. In 16 events around the Norwegian coast, transport providers present their services and transport buyers share their user experiences. 

Participants in the events in Norway has given us the following feedback^:

  • 91% think they will benefit from what the learned at the event
  • 71% have followed up the event afterwards
  • 85% are more positive to sea transport
  • 92% agreed that the events are a social meeting place where they meet people that are useful in job relations
  • 85% say that they intend to find out if sea transport can be used more in their business

Here are some statements from participants:

  • Exciting developments in shortsea shipping.
  • Sea transport is definitely the way to go.
  • I've been inspired to look at alternatives to rail and car.
  • Compact agenda that went straight to the point.
  • Good opportunity to get answers to questions / issues that have been unclear.
  • Many of the shortsea players were present and could provide information about existing alternatives.
  • Top!
  • Social!
  • Interesting lectures, good conversations with other participants.
  • Good agenda and large attendance of interested parties.
  • Good academic and social programs. Nice meeting place.
  • Diversified presentations of short sea freight and its role in the supply chain.
  • Good mix of academic and social content.
  • Good initiative bringing shippers, forwarders and shipping lines together.
  • We want annual events!
  • It could not have been better. Great hosts, great academic and social event.

^ The figures and the statements were gathered through web survey, where 72 of 374 participants in 6 ports responded.

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