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So simple - Part load with Unifeeder

Unifeeder is a major player in Norway. Now they have success with a new product.

Unifeeder connects Norway and the other Nordic countries to a wide network of services that covers all of Northern Europe. Unifeeder also handles most of the shipment European cargo to Norway, since they also ship the cargo for Samskip and DFDS Logistics through a slot sharing agreement.

Sea transport is very attractive for European cargo to Norway and shipment in 45 fot containers is the fastest growing segment. Currently one of three containers on Unifeeder ships from Rotterdam to the Oslo Fjord contains a European cargo (the remaining is feeder cargo). Almost all of the European cargo is transported from door to door by the shipping line.

Unifeeder now is successful with a new product to Norway. In addition to full loads, the company also offers part loads with multiple pick-up points or delivery points for the same customer.

The product has been well received and, for instance, one customer ships plants and equipment to several garden retail shops in Norway from Europe in the same container. The goods are picked up from one supplier in Europe and then delivered to each different shop in Norway. The cargoes are stuffed in the container according to the delivery route. Very simple!!!

Another example is part loads of building material from different suppliers to dealers in Norway. Unifeeder collects the cargo from the suppliers in the Netherlands and Germany.

With Unifeeder you can ship cargo to Norway from the majority of Europe. Every Saturday there is a ship from Rotterdam to Oslo (Monday), Moss, Brevik and Kristiansand. Every Tuesday there is a ship from Rotterdam to Oslo (Thursday), Larvik, Fredrikstad and Kristiansand.

From Germany Unifeeder sails from Hamburg (Sunday) and Bremerhaven (Monday). The ship arrives in Oslo on Wednesday morning (unloads import cargo), then calls Moss (Wednesday night), Fredrikstad (Thursday) - Larvik (Friday) - and then loads the export cargo from Oslo on Saturday.

In this way Norway can be reached directly from BeNeLux, Northern France, Italy (via train), Southern Germany (via Rotterdam) and North Germany via Hamburg. In addition, cargo from the entire Baltic Sea can be transshipment from other vessels. Unifeeder also covers Norway from Great Britain via Hamburg, Bremerhaven or Rotterdam.

For more information and great deals, simply contact:

  • Bjorn Olav Eikefjord
    Unifeeder Norway
    Sales Shortsea
    Tel: +47 22087719

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