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Great intermodal solution across Europe

Cargo is carried from one end of Europe to another, accross the continent at very competitive prices. And the customers are happy. Check this service from Samskip.

Samskip network of sea routes and rail links crisscrossing Europe, is a well-oiled machine that gets better and better. With intermodal transport from Turkey to Norway you can save much money and limit environmental emissions without major loss of time. 

Samskip's product Green Bridge is a new collaboration between Samskip and one of Turkey's largest logistics operators, ICL / Netlog. For cargo owners who need transportation between Norway, Scandinavia and Turkey, it provides good opportunities. In early 2014 a multimodal solution was introduced, including a link between Istanbul and Druiseburg in Germany, where Samskip has its large rail hub. Goods are transported in 45 foot High Cube Pallet Wide containers.

Map: Connection from Turkey to Scandinavia 

Samskip connects nine Norwegian ports to Duisburg via Rotterdam. Transit time from Turkey is 12-14 days to various harbors in the Oslofjord and 14-18 days for various ports on the Norwegian West Coast. By car the trip to Norway takes 7-8 days. Time loss is thus minimal.

Please check indicative prices from Turkey to Norway for 45 foot container compared to semi-trailer for a door-door transport:

  • Oslo - € 3,335 (€ 4000-4500 with semi-trailer)
  • Stavanger - € 3,790 (€ 5500-6500)
  • Ålesund - € 3,830 (€ 5500-6500)

There is, in other words, a lot of money to be saved. In addition, a 45 foot container take up to 25 tonnes, whereas a truck only takes 21 tons.

Dan Cargo, one of Samskip customers, explains:

- We at Dan Cargo have for our own cargo and on behalf of our clients, chosen to use Samskip's multimodal solution from Turkey. This has proven to be a very good and environmentally friendly alternative to road transport. Samskip offers a competitive product and the service level is as usually impeccable, says sales consultant Tor Einar Hansen, Dan Cargo.

Don't hesitate - Call Samskip!​

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