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Combine sea and rail between Kiel and Norwegian cities

In partnership the railroad cargo company CargoNet and Color Line Cargo, offer a timetable for daily transport of semi-trailers between Kiel (DE) and several Norwegian cities.

By combining sea and rail seven days a week, you as a cargo owner will save time, money, equipment and environment.


The transport lead time is:

  • Kiel-Bergen 1.5 day
  • Kiel-Trondheim 1.5 day
  • Kiel-Narvik 2.5 days

CargoNet and Color Lines states:

  • Save time and money! Avoid drivers’ wages, weekend restrictions, traffic queues, road tolls and inflexible driving and rest-time regulations.
  • Save wear and tear on your equipment! We deliver the goods to your customers in Norway.
  • Save stopping at border crossings! Your unit is ready for collection on arrival in Oslo. No customs processing on arrival at the terminal. T2/T 1-documents can be transported directly to the end-recipient before the rush-hour traffic starts. Alternatively, transits can be completed/cleared through customs by our customs department.
  • Save the environment! Choose your transport, show your values! Freight transported by sea and rail relieves the roads from trucks. In socio-economic terms this means a reduction in the number of traffic injuries and improved accessibility on the roads.

In 2013 CargoNet’s trains removed approx 550 trucks from the roads in Norway every single day throughout the year. On an annual basis this reduces average energy consumption by 82 %, CO2 emissions by over 94 %, and NOx emissions by 86 % compared with transporting by road.

More info?

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