Ship to norway

We are impressed!

Ship To Norway ("Velg Sjøveien") is an information campaign with the aim of giving transport buyers better freight service to, from and within Norway. One port in particular has managed to draw a large audience to their event.

​We, the Shortsea Promotion Centre (SPC) of Norway, initiated the campaign ‘Velg Sjøveien’ in April (the direct translation is "Choose the Sea Way"). Throughout the campaign transport providers have presented the benefits of their services and transport users have shared their experiences in ports around the Norwegian coast. The first event was hosted in Narvik in Northern Norway May 10th. By the end of the campaign in October, 16 ports will have be visited.

Get the benefits

- Many more companies can benefit greatly from increased use of sea transport. The distances to, from and within Norway are considerable. High mountains, deep valleys, cold winters and slippery roads make transport by road challenging. Environmental issues are important for Norway.

Increased cooperation between sea and road transport provides flexibility, cost savings and reliability, according to Mr. Hans Kristian Haram, Managing Director of SPC Norway. 

Ask your questions

The focus is on the transport buyer. Important issues they raise are:
  • What are the cost savings?
  • How reliable are the services?
  • Is booking as simple as for a truck? Or simpler?
  • How flexible is collection and the delivery?
  • What are the environmental benefits?
  • What cargoes are best suited?

An example of the enthusiasm:

Kristiansand Port Authority in Southern Norway has worked hard. In a European perspective, the 5th largest city in Norway is not large at all with a population of 83 000 people. In spite of this the port has manages to attract more than 160 transport buyers and users to their conference August 30th. We are impressed!

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