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Oslo seeks container operator

The port of Oslo is building Norway's largest and most modern container terminal to be finished in 2015.

Tender closing at March 28th 2014

The contract with the new operator is expected to be in place mid-2014. The contract has a term of 20 years with an option for further 10 years.

Half of Norways population live within three hours drive from Oslo. Oslo's population grows. Oslo is extending the cargo port in order to supply the population with the cargo and items they request.

Today Oslo has the capacity to handle 260,000 TEUs. When the new container terminal is completed, they can handle a total of 450,000 TEUs.

More cargo the greener route to Oslo

In 2030, we expects 1.5 million people to live in the Oslo area. This is nearly 30 percent more residents than today. No significant expansion of the road system into Oslo is planned.

If all the shoes, clothes and food the citizens in Oslo and the nearby area will arrive by trucks, the queues to Oslo would grow each year.

The aim of the Port of Oslo is that by 2030 there will be 50 percent more cargo than today. By doubling the capacity of the container terminal the Port of Oslo is trying to prevent queuing on the roads. A typical container ship sailing into the Oslofjord replaces approximately 400 semi-trailers on the main roads to Oslo. Lined up after each oher this represents about 10 km. Today, eight container ships calls to Oslo a week.

New operating model - more effective terminal

The new container terminal will be one of the worlds most space-efficient.

Today, the Port of Oslo has two container terminals, at Ormsund and Sjursøya , which are run by private operators. In 2015, all the containers in Oslo will be at the new terminal. The cranes are now owned and operated by the Port Authority.

A key objective for the Port is to ensure a competitive port. A more efficient terminal is needed to ensure that more cargo go by sea.

The Board of the Port Authority decided in October 2013 that 37 crane operators from the port is to be transferred to the new terminal operator. This is a first step towards a more efficient and smooth operational system of the terminal where the terminal operator is in charge of all operations and employees at the terminal.

- Integrating terminal employees and crane operators in one company will provide better communication, collaboration and use of the workforce at the terminal. The chosen operational model is right for the future, says Bernt Stilluf Karlsen, head of the Port Authority Board.

The future contract with a new operator does not include the dockworkers that is organised in a seperat office.

Facts about the new container terminal:

  • 137 acres
  • Total capacity - fully developed: 450,000 TEUs
  • Cranes: At start 4 container cranes (SSG) and 8 Stacking Cranes (RTG)
  • Quay: 665 meters

Today's container traffic: 8 Calls from container shipping companies as Unifeeder, CMA/CMG, Team Line and MSC. The ships sail mainly other ports in the North Sea area.


For more information about the competition:

  • Dag Sem, Director Terminal Department +47 907 75 221
  • For documents regarding the competition: lise.bye(AT)
  • For media: Bernt Stilluf Karlsen, head of Port Authority Board + 47 928 21 808   


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