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A small port success story

This port unloaded 30 percent more containers in 2013 compared to 2012.

​In 2013 30,500 containers were unloaded from ships that called the container terminal in Port of Drammen. An increase of 7,000 containers, or around 30 percent, compared with the year before is good news for short sea shipping.

Tschudi Lines opened a new route to Finland, Estonia and Lithuania in September last year, and the new route explains some of the increase, but the main growth comes from West-Europe via Rotterdam.

The Port of Drammen has one of the newest container terminals in Norway. For many years the goal was to attract a container line service. It finally happened in December 2007 when Tschudi Line started to call the container terminal in Drammen. Since then the growth has been good.

For information about what Tschudi Line North Sea and Tschudi Line Baltic Sea offers, please the web page of Tschudi Logistics.

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