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Increase in volumes

Country Manager Christian Amundrød confirms that he and his staff have had – and still have – hectic days.

​Business as usual in July! July is the month of summer vacation in Norway. With that in mind; Unifeeder in Norway experienced an increase of nearly 30 percent to and from the Oslo Fjord. In particular, exports have increased much, in spite of slow growth in Europe.

"Overall, we have had a reasonable increase in the current year. The autumn has also started with strong volumes. In particular, we find that exports going out of Brevik in South Norway is growing well", according to Amundrød.

In Norway, Unifeeder ships calls on Kristiansand, Brevik, Fredrikstad, Moss, Larvik and Oslo from Rotterdam, Hamburg and Bremerhafen.

Contact information for Unifeeder's Norwegian office? Please click HERE.

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