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For import to and export from Norway there is one shipping segment that shows rapidly increasing volumes quarter after quarter.

​The volume of 45 foot containers is increasing as shown in the above chart. The growth is so significant that it amounts to almost all of the overall growth the container segment is experiencing.

The volume of 45 foot containers now represents 60 percent of the volume of sea born unaccompanied trailers to and from Norway. If this growth continues as it has until now, the 45 foot containers volume will pass unaccompanied trailers by sea during 2015.

90 % of the Norwegian 45 foot container volume comes from or goes to the Netherlands. Germany has 6%. It is also pleasant to see that in recent times there is also an increase in volumes between Norway and UK and Belgium.

The largest port for 45’ containers is the Port of Oslo (50 %). Port of Drammen follows (18 %). On the west coast of Norway Port of Ålesund shows good cargo volumes with Rotterdam in the other end of the transport chain.

We can also thank the increase of 45’ volumes to companies like Tschudi Line, Samskip, DFDS, Unifeeder and NCL.

We recommend all cargo owners and freight forwarders who are not yet active users of shortsea shipping, to contact a relevant shipping company. Take a look at what savings you can achieve for your transport to Norway by using shortsea shipping and 45' containers. ; )

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