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Award to shipping company Nor Lines

- The winner has a tremendous commitment regarding environmental friendly cargo transport. By investing in two natural gas-powered cargo ships, they show great willingness to make a difference, the jury stated.

​True to tradition, the winner of the Norwegian Logistics and Freight Association's “Environmental award” for 2013 was revealed during the banquet on the conference Transport and Logistics which was held in Norway October 21st.

This year's winner, Nor Lines, got it for their massive investment in two LNG ships, which will be put into service in the second half of 2014,

CEO Toralf Ekrheim received the award, which was presented by Mr. Tom Rune Nilsen, director of the Norwegian Logistics and Freight Association.

The jury also stated that the ships belong to a new generation of vessels with significant environmental benefits. The ships hull design and use of LNG as fuel gas will reduce both emissions and energy consumption significantly. With the two new ships Nor Lines is continuing their role as proponent for short sea shipping. Maritime transport is one of Nor Lines core products and they were also one of the partners in the campaign "VELG SJØVEIEN" (Choose the sea), which Shortsea Promotion Centre Norway is running on behalf of the industry.

- Transfer of goods from land to sea will provide both environmental and economic gains. Nor Lines focuses on transporting cargo environmentally friendly shortsea, the jury stated.

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